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Researchers found a new algorithm which may help heart patients in remote areas

Researchers from Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad have found a new algorithm which helps to transmit heart parameters even on a low bandwidth network and makes cardiologist easier to interpret the data. 

Heart Patients can improve their health by regular monitoring of heart parameters. In India, out of one lakh heart patients about 5000 patients need regular monitoring. Now a days portal devices are available to know the status of the heart, but cardiologist who can interpret such data are available in rural areas. So, telemedicine helps to bridge the gap by transmitting the data to specialists over telephone or other networks but for transmitting the data, requires high bandwidth networks. 
So, the new algorithm helps to solve this problems. This new algorithm helps to process huge amount of data and it can be transmitted over a lower bandwidth networks. Researchers explained “It not only detects abnormal heart beat but also compresses the data so that it can be sent easily over limited bandwidth”. This system can operate even at a bandwidth of 33.6 bits per second.

The main advantages of this system is:

  1. It is less expensive.
  2. It can diagnose easily.

The Researchers team also introduces an Artificial Intelligence based procedure which helps to combine informations like heart beat and blood pressure with ECG data. By using Artificial Neural Networking, the AI based procedure can copy the human thinking process involved in analysing and used to combine multiple parameters into a realistic diagnosis.

Bolelpalli S. Chandra, one of the member of the team said “ We are looking at working with hardware groups to incorporate the algorithm into monitoring devices. We are planning to conduct a field trial and an end-to-end system is expected to be available by 2020”.

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