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Green spaces may decreases the risk of heart diseases and stroke

According to a new study researchers found that green spaces may have a lower risk of heart diseases and strokes. The people who live closer to leafy and greeny atmosphere have an overall better quality of health, regardless of age, sex, ethnicity and smoking status.

One of the professor of medicine and director of the University of Louisville, Aruni bhatnagar said, “living in a leafy atmosphere with trees, bushes and other green vegetation may be good for the health of your heart and blood vessels”.

In their study researchers examined blood and urine samples were collected from 408 people and then evaluate for blood vessel injury biomarkers and cardiovascular disease risk. Then they collected the vegetation density data from the communities by using the tools NASA and USGS and compared with their sample results.

According to their study people who live closer to more green spaces was associated with lower urinary levels of epinephrine, lower levels of stress, good health etc. The findings were independent of age, sex, ethnicity, smoking status, neighborhood deprivation, use of statin medications and roadway exposure. 

The studies also suggested that green spaces associated with positive effects on overall physical and psychological health as well as it reduce rates of death from cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

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