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Google to Develop Wearable Vitals Monitoring Technology

Google has announced yet another innovation in the field of medicine that consists of a wristband that will be able to monitor a person’s vitals on the go. The wristband is said to be programmed in such a way that it can record a person’s pulse, body temperature, blood pressure and heart rate along with his electrocardiogram (EKG) and the ambient factors like light exposure and noise levels etc. 

The technology is being acknowledged as major breakthrough for its beneficial role in preventive medicine. It is expected to be a useful asset in predicting the disease patterns and in guiding the diagnosis and the treatment of diseases. The wristband will upload the vitals’ information to an online portal for the analysis and interpretation of the data for research purposes. 

The brilliant minds at Google X are still working on the prototype and it has not hit the markets yet. Google has decided to make the technology available only to the caregivers and medical personnel. The device is said to be more sensitive in measuring the heart rate as it makes use of the electrical activity of heart rather than tracking the blood flow changes as with conventional devices being used for heart rate monitoring.

The wristband technology is still at the experimental stage and the trials will be starting soon, but once it is introduced in the markets, it will prove to be of immense value in carrying out mass scale researches and for the purpose of assisting the disease prevention programs.

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